Hundred pushups

As should be obvious right now, the start of Month 3 I moved away from attempting to continually build my most extreme number of pushups per set and began concentrating on the nature of my pushups.

In the wake of watching this video by Jeff Cavaliere at ATHLEAN-X on YouTube, I began playing out my pushups considerably more gradually and with better structure. Thus, I found that my chest muscles were progressively connected with during the development and I encountered no shoulder torment at all for the whole month. Unimaginable!


I am 100% persuaded that with regards to muscle improvement, structure and quality are a great deal more significant than amount of sets and reps. I am an adherent, and I utilize this way of thinking with the entirety of the exercises I perform at home and at the rec center.

I credit a great part of the outcomes that you see between Month 2 and Month 3 to this adjustment in reasoning. I am upbeat that it just took me two months to make sense of this and acknowledge it into my wellness training.

Around that equivalent time, I started exploring all the more profoundly into pushup wellbeing and the upsides and downsides of performing pushups consistently. Before the finish of Month 2, I rolled out a huge improvement in my pushup routine and reasoning: Hundred pushups


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