How sustainable are washing machines these days? And why should you look out for them?

Many people use their washing machines on a daily basis and it is one of the biggest energy consumers in the household. The most sustainable option is natural washing by hand, but who has the time to do so today? With these 5 tips you can easily save on your energy costs with your washing machine and it is also good for the environment. Check out deze site for alle wasmachines.

Tip 1: Eco mode

Do not be alarmed by the duration of the program, but it is not for nothing called eco-stand. This program is more economical than the regular program, only it takes a little longer. By washing at a lower temperature, your washing machine uses less energy in the eco mode. This saves you money and your laundry is just as clean as usual.

Tip 2: Low temperature

Wash as much as possible at a low temperature, often it is not even necessary to wash at a high temperature. Were you washing at a lower temperature? Then your washing machine uses less energy. Washing at 90 degrees every now and then is highly recommended, because this also keeps your washing machine clean.

Tip 3: Which program do you use?

Nowadays you have many different washing programmes on your washing machine, but not every programme is equally economical. The cotton wash programme is more economical with electricity and water than a fine wash programme. You might say that a short programme is more economical because it is finished more quickly, but unfortunately that is not the case. Short washing programmes use more energy to heat the water to a higher temperature, thus compensating for the shorter washing time. Heating the water has the greatest impact on the energy consumption of your washing machine.

Tip 4: Fully load your washing machine

It’s a shame to run your washing machine when it’s not full. Make use of the capacity of your washing machine. Often there is still a lot of laundry left in the drum. That saves a number of washes and therefore also energy, and therefore money.

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