What Is This Weird BKR Registration In The Netherlands And Why Should You Look Out For It?

When will you receive a BKR registration? All credits that you use for more than one month and more than € 250 are reported to the BKR. You will therefore be registered with the BKR in the following cases: You can be red You have a credit card You have a revolving credit or personal loan You use a deferred payment. Want to know more? Then start with website bekijken.

Look Out For The BKR Registration If You Have Financial Obligations

If you pay on time, you have a positive registration. If you do not meet your payment obligation, your positive registration will change to a negative registration. This happens from a minimum of two months of payment arrears. BKR codes There are different codes that you can get after payment arrears:   A code (backlog) You get this code if you are a few months behind in payment.

What Is This Specific BKR Loan In The Netherlands And What Should You Look Out For

You will not be informed by the BKR. However, you will always first receive a payment reminder and a reminder. That way you still have time to pay your payment arrears. After that, the company may pass on your data to the BKR. Depending on the type of backlog, you get a numeric code after the

  • A: Code 1: you have made a payment arrangement.
  • Code 2: the amount is due and payable. The lender expects you to repay the entire amount in one go. A collection agency is often called in for this.
  • Code 3: this can have two meanings: Charging: in this case, the lender decides not to do anything with your file for the time being. You will be contacted within 5 years. You get a code 3 without an end date. Remission: this is a code 3 with an end date. It is agreed that you pay a certain amount and the rest will be waived.
  • Code 4: you have been (or have not been) available for a long time.
  • Code 5: this temporary code only applies to a payment plan for your mortgage.

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