Photo Booth Company in Melbourne

2020 will not be a year for an exhausting photo booth! We are a small Photo Booth Company in Melbourne and we take brand actuations and corporate occasions to the following level with our scope of completely customizable star photo booths.

Premium Booth

Brands, organizations, and occasion organizers go insane for our Premium Booth arrangements.

This completely customisable suite of photo booth choices and innovative administrations can be adjusted to suit any occasion, initiation or establishment. Regardless of whether you’re arranging an initiation to amp up your item dispatch occasion or a long haul unmanned establishment for a strip mall or air terminal, our addictive Pro Booths produce exceptionally shareable pictures and a ton of fun.

GIF Booth

GIF it your way! We’ll give the GIFs any treatment you need, from shading channels to energized overlays, enhanced visualizations to sound. We even create exceptionally marked increased reality props that track faces – think caps, glasses, creature ears, or face paint. Your visitors will get snared and offer like there’s no tomorrow. Arranging a major gathering? A completely staffed booth will direct and snap your gathering individuals. Thinking long haul? An unmanned GIF booth ups the amusement factor in theater halls, retail spaces, historical centers and arenas.

Camera Array

On the off chance that a customary GIF doesn’t do it for you, include another measurement! Our 7-camera exhibit framework snaps a picture from 7 points to create a 3D GIF. Camera Array catches profundity, making it the ideal contender for film set-style sceneries. Toss some confetti, hop into the air, and Camera Array will catch you mid-activity in a haze of shading!

Green Screen Booth

Quickly transport or change your visitors with a Green Screen Booth! We have both hand-held green screens and green screen backgrounds, enabling visitors to be anybody, anyplace.

Transform Booth

For what reason act naturally when you could be a unicorn? Or on the other hand a superstar? Or on the other hand a greek god? Transform Booth transforms your visitors into anybody (or anything) you can envision. Transform Booth is the ideal promotion instrument for film, theater, sports, or VIP subsidiary tasks.

Video Booth

Your visitors are the superstars in a Video Booth! In only 60 seconds our video booths make smooth recordings matched up to music, messaged directly to your visitors to impart to the world.

Not in any case a Booth

You don’t need a booth by any means? We’ll go as out of sight the booth as you need. Our innovative group will bring your most stunning photo, video and GIF dreams alive for remarkable experiential brand enactments.

Custom Photo Booth

Got a brilliant thought? Connect with us to investigate the conceivable outcomes of our expert photo booths for your next occasion or brand actuation.

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