Chiropractor Offers ‘Low Force’ Alternative Treatments

A chiropractor who doesn’t pop your back or crack your neck?
The only chiropractor in the state of Tennessee trained and specializing in this hands-on low force alternative to traditional chiropractic techniques is now practicing part time in Murfreesboro.

Dr. Sherri Prestwich, who has been in private practice since 1995, is now seeing patients by appointment only on Tuesdays and Fridays at The Allen Haven Massage Therapy at 3416 S. Church St. Prestwich owns Healing Hands Chiropractic Care in Tullahoma. She is a graduate of Life University in Marietta, Ga.

Chiropractor Offers ‘Low Force’ Alternative Treatments

Tonya Allen, owner of The Allen Haven, invited Prestwich to join her practice to complement the holistic services she already offers, Allen said.

Additionally, Prestwich was already seeing patients from Murfreesboro and Nashville and wanted to make an office visit more convenient for these patients.

Allen specializes in acupressure message, which applies direct pressure on specific points of the body.

The Allen Haven also offers lymphatic, Swedish Esalen, neuromuscular and prenatal massages as well as limited spa treatments.

Prestwich said her mission is to give patients the best care possible for the least amount of money.

She practices a low-force chiropractic technique called Directional Non-Force Technique, which uses the body’s natural reflexes to indicate the misalignment of structures that are producing nerve interference, Prestwich said. This technique is safe for infants and the elderly.

The chiropractor tests the body’s reflexes by lightly pushing on parts of the patient’s body. If this produces a shortening of one of the legs, then a misalignment has been found. Prestwich uses a “directionally specific thumb thrust” to correct the misalignment.

“It is very precise and it lets me go in and fix the problems,” Prestwich said.

This process can be applied not only to spinal structures such as vertebra, discs, ligaments, muscles and ribs but also bony and soft tissue in the body like the cranium, shoulders, knees and unbalanced organ relaxes such as the gallbladder, stomach and bowels.

Prestwich spends 15 to 20 minutes with each patient each session paying special attention to the symptoms her patients are complaining of. She typically sees patients regularly for just a few weeks before putting them on a one to three month maintenance schedule.

Patients often heal faster through low-force chiropractic techniques rather than through traditional chiropractic care because the technique allows the chiropractor to pinpoint specific misalignments, Prestwich said.

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