InstaDeal™ the new super-fast poker game has been launched on and

This new network brings you a few freerolls as well as NL Texas Hold’Em and PL Omaha cash tables. It claims to be the fastest poker online – and it might just be right!


The game play itself is pretty neat. It’s very fast and a tournament is over before you know it, without losing anything for this. The cash tables are where this pool-based poker game comes into its own. If you don’t like your hand, simply fold and you will be immediately seated at another table. The network numbers are naturally very low right now but come September it ought to support a fair bit of gameplay, particularly given the fact that not so many players are required to keep a pool full of action. Its about time an alternative to Full Tilt’s Rush Poker was born and this should ensure it is open to more operators and consequently more poker players around the world.

I think what might prove the ultimate success for the InstaDeal™ software and network is the fact that all along the line it has been developed with one eye on the mobile market. It’s not the finished article yet but certainly on it will be launched in a mobile version compatible with Android for mobile fun and iOS devices very soon and will I am confident prove the poker success of 2020 if not 2019.