Ever since android became popular, so did the applications for android. Now there exists millions of android applications on the Google PlayStore and thousands of apps that didn’t make it to the PlayStore. Luckypatcher is one such app. Luckypatcher can go deep into the code of android applications and make productive and useful changes for the users. These include removing advertisements, managing permissions, removing In-app purchases etc.


We are a website born to promote the wonder that is the luckypatcher app. Let us start with mentioning some of the features of lucky patcher apk download.

Lucky Patcher APK

Luckypatcher app has several dozens of features. Even we are yet to unlock the full potential of this great app. Here are some of the most common features of luckypatcher app that everyone loves.

​Remove advertisements

​With luckypatcher apk installed, one can remove the advertisements that show up inside applications. No more irritating popups. This can be achieved in a matter of a few clicks using luckypatcher apk.

Bypass InApp purchases

Many android apps offer In-app purchases. These in-app purchases can be easily done for free via luckypatcher. This means unlimited gems, coins in your games and fully unlocked applications for you to enjoy. Use “Support patch for InApp andLVL emulation” to use this feature.

Convert App Into System App

System apps are those apps that cannot be uninstalled by a user. They become a part of the OS. Converting an ordinary app like Hex Lock has several security advantages. Luckypatcher app can help achieve this.

Move apps to SD card

Due to the limited amount of internal storage and unlimited number of applications that we wish to install, people look for ways to move applications to the external storage. Luckypatcher is capable of doing that.

Remove License Verification

Paid app apks are mostly protected by license verification. This means that even after getting an apk and successfully installing it, you will not be able to use that app. Applying a luckypatcher custom patch can remove the license verification of any paid app.

Backup & Restore Apps + Data

There are several methods available to backup apps into apk files, but only very few ways to backup both app and app data. Backing up app + data means that none of your usage data will be lost and in the case of games, this means that you can continue playing from the position that you left it at.