The most social banks

I learn from an interesting article by Il Sole24Ore that the strategic consulting company “Innova et Bella” has compiled a ranking of the most “social” banks considering their presence on the most used social network in the world: Facebook.

The rankings as such are in my opinion imperfect by their nature because they must by definition simplify the reality they intend to represent. In this case, however, I appreciated the evaluation criterion used to draw up the ranking, because it was not only considered the “number of fans”, but also the contents of the various groups and pages and the interaction of the banks with their Facebook fans.


Innova et bella has in fact considered three aspects and each one has assigned an independent judgment indicated with the letters from A to C, from the article:

The votes, from A to C, indicate the degree of development on:
– Relation Quality: the adoption of report best practices 2.0
– Relation Care: the dynamic management of their update
– Relation Power: their relational power (n. Of fans)

The ING DIRECT Italia page
ING DIRECT is the most social bank in both the United States and Italy. As a Digital PR we have dealt with the Facebook project of ING DIRECT Italia since its strategic conception, passing through the realization and reaching the management. Therefore I do not hide the pleasure in knowing this result.

It should also be considered that, compared to other more emotional products and services, banks have a colder soul due to their nature and therefore user involvement is more difficult. The banking market also for this reason has approached relatively later than others in the world of Social Media. I am therefore convinced that we are only at the beginning of the entrance of the banks in this area. We therefore hope that more and more institutions will decide to open up to dialogue through the Internet.

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