Next stop: Paris

In Paris they read news while waiting for the elevator

Last week I visited Paris where I met our colleagues of H&K Paris and RPCA (yes in Paris the group have separate 2 PR agencies). Historically one of the largest blogging countries in Europe, social networks are expanding brutally. They are close to 10 million facebook users with a penetration close to Italy. As it is happening in Germany, they explained to me that national platforms, Viadeo and Skyblogs and others are slowly going down in comparison to the US champions like Linkedin and Facebook. Skyblogs is still impressive in numbers especially for teenagers.
In terms of internet activities, it seems the market is close to the Italian one. Bloggers events are popular. Monitoring of blogs and forums are requested by companies. Forums are still very popular in specific vertical markets.
Strange to say, in France companies are not used to upload press releases on their websites, so PR Agencies use their own sites to distribute the clients releases. I know RPCA is selling a service to its clients to create “pressrooms” on an extranet site where journalists can read and download press releases issued by companies.



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