The map of social networks in the world

Not having found them up to date, I created a map of the world’s most popular social networks, collecting data from Alexa and Google Trends for Website. After being discovered by TechCrunch, a historic information technology site, it is now traveling around the world, so I will receive sufficient feedback for a periodic update, which I will give you an account of.


Here are the major evidences:

– Facebook has almost colonized Europe and is about to spread everywhere, in an attempt to oust local social networks
– QQ, dominates in China and with its 300 million users is the largest social network on the planet
– MySpace has lost its leadership everywhere (except on the island of Guam)
– V Kontakte is king in the territories of Russia
– Orkut remains strong in India and Brazil
– Hi5 resists in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and in other countries such as Portugal, Mongolia and Romania
– Odnoklassniki survives in some republics of the former Soviet Union
– Maktoob remains the most important Arab community



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